The Applecore Mines

The Applecore Mines

The Applecore Mine in God of War Ragnarock is where Kratos and Atreus venture to find Tyr, the Nordic God of War. This area was special since it presents itself as a big maze. As the level lead, I worked very closely with Jon Hickenbottom (designer) early on to establish the size of the area based on what gameplay was required. We worked closely to figure out how to handle the machinery, related puzzles, and combat areas. I also collaborated on gameplay with James Ridding. James played a major role in determining the in-game experience.

Patrick Ward and Will Petrosky played a hand in taking this giant area to completion once all the kits were set and the art sheets were ready to go Pailin Bartlett. I was responsible for the main hub area, the appelocre itself, the tyr prison cave, and the general look of the area.

Pailin Bartlett had a key role in finalizing all the intricacies once we had set up the artsheet. After all the sets were set up she was in charge of making sure they all look like they lived in the ‘God of War’ Universe.

Patrick Ward helped finalized all the rock models for this area, as well as making a few extra motifs.
Will Petrosky played a role in all the base tilers in the applecore.
Steven Mortessen took over the level after my departure from SMS.
Brandon Cha - was the master lighter and established the mood for the area.

As always, there were many hands that touched this level, so if your name isn't listed here my sincerest apologies.